We're rebranding Video Watermark Subtitle Creator as DikDik. The software is an best video watermark software for editing video, adding watermark and subtitle,  It can add video, image, words and subtitle in WYSIWYG, and can set time of appearance, position, size and animated effects for watermark and subtitle to video, and preview at will. It can add watermark and subtitle to videos in batch, splitting and merging video in batch.

Windows: Download1   Cnet    Softpedia
3.6 Download x86
MacOS: Download2 Supports effect face detector mask in the video Supports effect fade in,fade out,blur pad,clear logo in the video Supports add watermark : audio Supports soundtrack mix Supports split remove title sequence and ending Supports add image sequence JPG Add watermark animation 10 style Fix read srt unicode bug Fix the player crash BUG Fix the watermark editing bug Add right-click menu to add title sequence and ending Support srt ass ssa subtitle effects (e.g. scroll fade in) Support hardware acceleration Precise Split Supports ASS subtitle file Supports replace the sound in the video Supports video rotate left or right
3.6 Fixed batch add subtitles
3.6 Supports multi-threaded
3.6 Fixed some bug
3.5 Added scroll bar to watermark dialog.
3.5 Added video crop dialog.
3.5 Added subtitle page.
3.5 Added video information page.
3.4 Added preview player in the main interface. ·
3.4 Added data in batch.
3.4 Supports 8 languages.
3.4 Fixed Video Merge Bug.
3.3 updates subtitle dialog.
3.2 Support multi-language interface.
3.2 Enhanced video editing subtitles.
3.2 Added copy time button.
3.2 Added paste time button.
3.2 Fixed pause video bug.
3.2 Fixed auto save edit time bug.
3.2 Fixed auto save edit speed bug.
3.1 Added support for video clips.
3.1 Added support for save list
3.1 Added Auto repair flv video
3.1 Added Completed automatic shutdown
3.02 Added support for picture-in-picture
3.02 Added support for auto bit rate
3.01 display bug revise
3.01 Stop open folder
3.0: Adopted Unicode character set and GDI+.
3.0: Added support for Windows Vista and 7.
3.0: Added batch video splitting.
3.0: Added .srt subtitle editing.
3.0: Added support for transparent watermarks and subtitles.
3.0: Added resizing support for watermarks during watermark design.
3.0: Added preview at design time, so the video’s watermark and subtitle effects can be previewed at any time without conversion.
3.0: Brand new WordArt module that can be used to design transparent artistic characters.