5/8/2022 Posted by DIKDIK

In working on a video project or a simple video presentation, a voice-over is often needed to attract your viewer into your video. However, not everyone has a DJ like voice making it hard to convert text to speech. To understand more about the conversion from text to speech, simply jump into the rest of this post below.

Step 1: Launch DIKDIK Video Kit, you will see the following main interface.
Click Create to video editor interface.

Step 2: Click Text, add text to video.

You can also click subtitle bar -> Text To Speech, convert subtitle to speech, selected rows and click .

Step 3: preview at design time, you can be previewed at any time without conversion.
Click play,preview.

Step 4: Click file menu, and export.

Step 5: Select an output folder.

Step 6: Select an output video format, we have most poplar video formats includes AVI, MKV, MP4,FLV,MOV,MPG,TS.

Step 7: Ok, Click Export to start process.