How to add *.srt subtitle file to video?

Step 1: Launch DIKDIK Video Kit, you will see the following start page interface.
Click Batch to batch interface.

Click Add,you can import one or more video clips into list.

Step 2: Click Editor .

Click , add subtitle to video and creator a .srt or .ass subtitle. Select subtitle page.
srt file:
00:00:01,895 --> 00:00:46,895

00:01:04,686 --> 00:01:10,257
Leaving this to come see you.

00:01:10,391 --> 00:01:12,861
And I can't wait.

00:01:32,748 --> 00:01:33,882

00:01:43,557 --> 00:01:45,060
Taxi! Over here.

Click style editor.

Click effect. you can creator subtitle effect (e.g. scroll fade in out blur).

Step 3:preview at design time, so the video’s subtitle effects can be previewed at any time without conversion.
Click play,preview. .

Step 4: Select an output folder.

Step 5: Select an output video format, we have most poplar video formats includes AVI, MKV, MP4,FLV,MOV,MPG,TS.

Step 6:Ok, Click Run to start watermarking process.