5/5/2022 Posted by DIKDIK

Step 1: Launch DIKDIK Video Kit, you will see the following start page interface.
Click Batch to batch interface.

Click Add,you can import one or more video clips into list.

Step 2: add image watermark  to video.
Click Editor ,and then Click Add Image .You can configure show time and hidden time for logo .You can configure dynamic effect(e.g. Expand, Scroll, Flash and Fade In) for logo .

Step 3: preview at design time, so the video's watermark and subtitle effects can be previewed at any time without conversion.
Click play,preview. .

Step 4: Select an output folder.

Step 5: Select an output video format, we have most poplar video formats includes AVI, MKV, MP4,FLV,MOV,MPG,TS.

Step 6: Ok, Click Export to start watermarking process.